Paged resultsΒΆ

Normally, any FHIR server will limit the number of results returned for the history and search interactions. For these interactions you can also specify the maximum number of results you would want to receive client side.

The FhirClient has a Continue method to browse a search or history result Bundle, after the first page has been received. Continue supports a second parameter that allows you to set the direction in which you want to page: forward, backward, or directly to the first or last page of the result. The standard direction is to retrieve the next page. The method will return null when there is no link for the chosen direction in the Bundle you provide.

while( result != null )
    // Do something with the entries in the result Bundle

    // retrieve the next page of results
    result = client.Continue(result);

// go to the last page with the direction filled in:
var last_page = client.Continue(result, PageDirection.Last);