Model classes

For each Resource type and data type in FHIR, the API contains a class in the form of a public partial class. If you need extra code to be performed when using these classes, you can just implement your own partial class for it. That way you can keep your code separate from the API code.

Creating a new Patient resource instance, and an instance of the Identifier data type:

var pat = new Patient();
var id = new Identifier();


When you are creating an instance of a resource or data type, lookup the definition in the FHIR specification to see which elements are mandatory for that particular type.

Class fields

The API classes have a field for each of the elements in the Resource or data type model. For example, the Patient resource has an active element:


The Patient class in the API has a field called Active that corresponds with this element:


Likewise, the Identifier data type has an element called use:


And the Identifier class in the API has a field called Use that corresponds with this element:


As you can see, the classes and fields all have inline documentation describing them.