Sharing resources with Snippet

The Snippet feature in Simplifier enables you to quickly share resources with another Simplifier user (e.g. for review purposes) without storing them in your project. Click on the Snippet button in the top right corner to use this feature.


Start by giving your Snippet a title, e.g. MyPatient. You can either upload a file or copy-paste your XML code in the editor. Select Add another file to upload more than one resource within the same Snippet. When you are finished uploading and editing your resources, click on the Create button on the right.

Your Snippet will now be available on Simplifier. The URL is displayed at the top right of the Snippet. You can quickly copy the URL to your clipboard by clicking on the Copy icon at the right.


When visiting the URL of a Snippet, you can choose to view either the XML code, JSON code or the rendered resource by selecting one of the available tabs. In the top right menu you can either select Edit to edit the resource, Clone to copy it in a new Snippet, New to create a new Snippet or Download to download the resource as a XML or JSON file. You can also validate the resource by using the green Validate button at the right.


Personal Snippets

Through your personal menu (click on your avatar at the top right and select Snippets) you can access a list of all your Snippets. From here you can also quickly add a new Snippet by clicking the green +New button.