Vonk FHIR Facade

Vonk FHIR Facade is a means to use the Vonk implementation of the FHIR RESTful API on top of an existing repository. This repository may be a relational database, a nosql database or even another web api.


There are two ways to set up a Vonk FHIR Facade. By creating your own ASP.NET Core Web Application and utilizing Vonk NuGet packages, or by just creating a library with services and providing that as a plugin to Vonk.

Create your own server

In this setup you:

  • create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application
  • include Vonk NuGet packages
  • setup the necessary Vonk services (usually a subset of the services that Vonk FHIR Server uses)
  • implement your own repository

This also allows you to include the Vonk components into a web application of your own that may offer more interfaces than just the FHIR RESTful API.

The Exercise below uses this setup.

Provide a plugin to Vonk FHIR Server

This leverages the capabilities of Vonk FHIR Components. With this setup you:

  • create a new ASP.NET Core library
  • include Vonk NuGet packages
  • implement your own repository
  • configure the PipelineOptions to use your library instead of Vonk’s own repository
  • configure the PipelineOptions to limit the components to those that are supported by your repository implementation.

As warned for in Vonk FHIR Components, it is still very early in its development cycle. Therefore examples of this setup will be added at a later stage.


The best way to get experience in developing a Vonk FHIR Facade is by following the exercise. This exercise builds a facade on a simple relational database.