Welcome to the VonkLoader documentation


VonkLoader is a free, multithreaded tool for Windows / macOS / Linux to upload resources in bulk to any FHIR server. To install, go to simplifier.net/downloads and log in.


Available parameters are:

    zip file with xml and/or json files with resources, mandatory
    FHIR server base address, mandatory
    load no more than x resources, default is all the resources in the zip
    how many requests are sent in parallel, default is 10
-collectionHandling: AsIs / Split / Transaction
    AsIs: send a collection Bundle as is (to /Bundle)
    Split: send each of the Bundle.resource's from a collection Bundle separately (STU3 only)
    Transaction: convert the collection Bundle to a transaction Bundle and send it to the server base address (STU3 only)
-forcePutInTransaction: resources in collections that have no id get one and are turned into a PUT entry in the transaction.
    By default they are turned into a POST. Only useful in combination with -collectionHandling:Transaction

See also vonkloader --help on running the tool.


vonkloader -file:examples-json-stu3.zip -server:http://localhost:4080

// load Synthea zip
vonkloader -file:examples-json-stu3.zip -server:http://localhost:4080 -collectionHandling:Transaction -forcePutInTransaction