Preloading resources

If you have set up Firely Server as a reference server in a testing environment, it can be useful to load it with an ‘iron test set’ of examples. You can do that with the preload feature. Usually you will want to Reset the database first.

To preload a set of resources, execute:

POST http(s)://<firely-server-endpoint>/administration/preload
Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Body: a zip file with resources, each resource in a separate file (xml or json).

Firely Server will return statuscode 200 if the operation succeeded.

If you are not permitted to preload resources into the database, Firely Server will return statuscode 403.


The operation can take quite long if the zip contains many resources.
E.g. when uploading the from the specification, it took about a minute on MongoDb and about 7 minutes on SQL Server on a simple test server.


This feature is not meant for bulk uploading really large sets of resources. Firely Server currently has no special operation for bulk operations.