You can post a resource to a FHIR server, using the post command:

> fhir post <server>

What this does is that it takes the resource from the top of the stack and posts that using the FHIR protocol to FHIR server you choose. Below is a full scenario, to mak that clear:


Let’s add a server alias to the known server list of Firely Terminal. This can be any FHIR server.

> fhir server add vonk

We can now use a server called ‘vonk’. Next, let’s get a resource from that server: a patient, with id example:

> fhir read vonk Patient/example

The patient record has been fetched from the server and pushed on the local stack.

Now we can post this resource to another server, and let’s take a project on Simplifier that you own, because every STU3 FHIR project in Simplifier has it’s own FHIR server. Let’s imagine it to be ‘myproject’.

> fhir post myproject

The resource is removed from the stack and posted as a new resource to that project.