The install command can be used to install any FHIR package from the package server. It will install the package on your local machine and add a reference from your current folder to that package, by adding it to the package.json file (also known as a package manifest). You can provide just the package name, to get the latest.

> fhir install xyz.myprofiles

Or you can specify a specific version or range.

> fhir install xyz.myprofiles 2.3

Folder install

By default a package is installed in the global package cache of your machine. But you can specify to install it in the current folder with the --here (-r) flag.

> fhir install simplifier.core.stu3 --here

This will install the latest version of package `simplifier.core.stu3’ as a subfolder of your current folder. In most scenario’s you should not need this option.

Install a file

If you have a package file that is not on the package server, for example you created it locally and want to test it, you cana install a package file (.tgz) from your current folder into the global package cache of your machine. For this you can use the --file (-f) flag.

> fhir install thisproject.tgz --file