If you run a ruleset file (a *.rules.yaml), by default, no other rules will be run. This is done to give you maximum control, and allow you to run individual rulesets.

But, there are situations where you would like to run an aditional set of rules, that you have defined elsewhere (in another file). Imagine you have a ruleset to ‘check broken links’, but want to run all the default rules as a first step. You can achieve this by using the ‘include’ action.

Include action

You include the default ruleset or any other ruleset in a , you can speficy this in a single directive.

- #action: include # Can be added for consistency, but not necessary
  include: <name>

For example, this will include the default ruleset:

- include: default

And this will include the custom ruleset file myrules.rules.yaml

- include: myrules

Alternatively these will do the same:

- include: myrules.rules.yaml

- include: some-directory/myrules.rules.yaml

It is not an issue to have multiple references to the same file, because rules will be indexed by their name.