Use Firely Server with your Simplifier artifacts

If you have defined some profiles, valuesets and examples in your Simplifier project, you may want to setup a FHIR Server for you or others to test against. We have tried to make that extremely simple for you, using Firely Server. Here is how:

Currently we only enabled this for Windows 10, using PowerShell. Later we will add support for Linux and/or MacOS.

  1. Install Docker for Windows

  2. Start it.

  3. Open its settings (right click on the docker icon in the system tray and click ‘Settings’)

  4. Under shared drives, share your local drive.

  5. Now in Simplifier, go to the project page of your project, drop down the Download button and click ‘demo FHIR Server’

  6. This takes you to the ‘Demo Project FHIR Server’ page.

  7. Click the ‘Download’ button

  8. Unzip the downloaded file. For this explanation we choose to unzip to c:\programs\demo-VonkDockerServer

  9. Open a PowerShell window

  10. Since we have not (yet) signed the Powershell script that will start the server, you need to temporarily allow execution of downloaded scripts:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope Process
  11. Navigate to the directory where you unzipped the download.

  12. Then run the script .\start-vonk-server.ps1

  13. The script will:

    • pull the neccessary images from the Docker hub (vonk-web and vonk-mongo-db)

    • start the containers

    • import conformance resources from the specification AND your Simplifier project

    • import the examples from your Simplifier project

    This will take a couple of minutes. Subsequent startups will be a lot faster though.


    Docker and PowerShell are not perfect friends, and Docker may show some ‘NativeCommandError’ messages. You can ignore those.

  14. You can use the .stop-vonk-server.ps1 script to stop Firely Server again.